An Evil Guide To Dedication!

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An Evil Guide To Dedication! Empty An Evil Guide To Dedication!

Post by Peroxide. on Mon Feb 24, 2014 7:29 am

An Evil Guide To Dedication

Feeling down that your roleplay's been inactive, or that your roleplays are 'dead'? you still want to Roleplay, but do not know if your fellow players want to do so?

Well then fear not, for Peroxide.'s here to tell you all about how to solve this problem! In fact, there are easy fixes to solve this problem! Now, to start of, here are a few guidelines--

    ♦️ Learn to say “No”: If you don’t think someone will stay dedicated, don’t allow them to play in your RP. It’s better to have one less RPer than an extra Role Player who just brings down the whole RP. Don’t be tough to be mean and slightly evil. Unless you are tough and assertive, like big ol' me! Your evil little Role Play will never get off the ground if you're acting like a completely unbearable douche!

    ♦️ Die—Hard Applications: Instead of putting a basic Application so it’s easier for people to post, post Applications which require thought filling out, not something that can be done in five seconds. This is an easy way of separate people who want to RP from the people that just want to 1Up their Post Count. The better the Application, the less likely someone is to quit. 

    ♦️ First Post Compliments: With the Application, try to have applicants post a “first post”, more rather than a RP sample. The better the first post, the more work they put into it. It’s an inverse correlation, the more work they put into a first post, the less likely they will be to become inactive.

    ♦️ GM's activity: Your roleplay will only be as active as it can be with you, the Game Masters are also dedicated~! Try reminding your roleplayers about posts they should make, as well as maybe talk to them personally about plots, or any more ideas that they have.

Now for the RPer, even so, you might be still less likely to be active in a roleplay because of stuff like friends, family, school, work, or otherwise, which is perfectly fine! We all have our priorities. 

Here are some extra evil tips for you:

    ♦️ Try and limit the number of roleplays you join; it'll become easier for you to observe the roleplays you are currently in, and plan ahead for the posts you'll make.

    ♦️ Try and converse yourselves with the other roleplayers; since by chatting and RPing together, you'll be more likely to post again, and again, by letting your character interact with a character of another user, It can become quite fun! Your character could be in a relationship with another character, or heck, be another character's worst enemy! There are loads of possibilities to what character interactions could entail!

    ♦️ If you create a character you know you'll have fun with, you can also be less likely to be inactive. Try making your character be out-of-the-ballpark, chalkiness of personality and interest for yourself, and for others; again, that could be quite fun for yourself, and for others!

    ♦️ If you can, try and make up more ideas for the roleplay you're in; if you have more fun ideas, you'll be opted more to participate in the roleplay~!

Just keep in mind, these are not guaranteed methods, they will just help, but the extent of their utility is determined by the Roleplay and Gm inquestion. Of course, if you have your own way for a roleplay to be active, that's all perfectly up to you! 

So good luck, and have a great time! Very Happy


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