What do you do in Duelist mansion?

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What do you do in Duelist mansion? Empty What do you do in Duelist mansion?

Post by Order of Chaos on Thu Oct 02, 2014 8:23 am

Ok , pplz.  Duelist mansion is a place to chill , so not very important....ha got you!

Duelist , is one of the main sections in this forum.Why?

Well if you want to rank up  ,how are you going to do it ? How are you counting wins?
This section is the asnwer.

Read all of it! All!

So as you probably know by now, this place has a ranking system. And in case you're wondering how each rank is achieved, have a look at this topic! [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

And since there is no legit way for us to seperate the wins/losses you got before joining Destiny Draw forum , from those you got after joining, we decided to make this topic.

Which is completely dedicated to newly joined members to announce their current wins and losses (on DN or devpro) here. So we can keep track of the wins and losses they get after joining!

-Your wins and losses will not start getting counted until you've announced your current win/loss record here!

-After that a staff member will verify that , than you can start playing matches and your wins will be counted

-Only rated matches in DN or Devpro are counted.


When you joined to the forum , you made a topic here saying : I have 200 wins in rated matches at DN. Now you have stared with the ranking proccess.

This is the second Rank: A place of improvement and showcasing of potential!
How to achieve it:
Win 50 rated best of 3 Matches on Dueling Network. 
-Have at least 50 posts made on a profile .(Spam will not be counted!). 
-Add at least 1 friend and on your profile, if you're unsure on how; Give a Mod/Admin a shout!

You have to have now from the example 250 wins at your DN account and the other requierments to advance to Appretice level.

So yeah. Any other question ask a a blue person here a.k.a staff.
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