OCG , how are cards limited there

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OCG , how are cards limited there Empty OCG , how are cards limited there

Post by Order of Chaos on Tue Sep 30, 2014 2:29 pm

This is a rough tranlation of the reason cards in the OCG are limited. Read and enjoy.

We are carefully considering the environment of the game all cards that have been released in the past are available in the Yu-Gi-Oh OCG, new card products that, will be added in the future.
In addition, when investigating, that players around the world are playing are also made after taking into account enough.
You have been selected from the following points of view basically applies to "prohibited or restricted and quasi-limit card", but is not very permanent.

  • ● that to maintain game balance, to create a play environment that promotes activation of the Yu-Gi-Oh OCG whole
  • ● widening the width of the play and choices of deck
  • ● certain regulations to the card combo element of bargaining Duel such that deplete
  • ● certain regulations to the card to create a situation where the player is in favor unilaterally
  • ● In certain regulations for card players is difficult to deal with and countermeasures in an environment of current situation
  • ● certain regulations to the card, such as an obstacle to the progress of the duel
  • ● restrictions on card is determined when considering the use of the tournament, and should take regulatory

In a next post , we will see the OCG banlist as a whole.
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