Yu-Gi-Oh! [Saber Reflect Discussion By An Experienced X-Saber Player!] And What An X-Saber Deck Might Look Like When Saber Reflect Hits The TCG! (September 2014 Format!)

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Yu-Gi-Oh! [Saber Reflect Discussion By An Experienced X-Saber Player!] And What An X-Saber Deck Might Look Like When Saber Reflect Hits The TCG! (September 2014 Format!) Empty Yu-Gi-Oh! [Saber Reflect Discussion By An Experienced X-Saber Player!] And What An X-Saber Deck Might Look Like When Saber Reflect Hits The TCG! (September 2014 Format!)

Post by Zkillerthriller on Tue Sep 09, 2014 11:37 am

Disclaimer: If you don't know what the cards do. use Google!

Intro: So, as an X-Saber player. Alot of people have asked me about the new Saber Reflect! Here are my opinions. As well as a very in-depth analysis of a deck that uses Saber Reflect!

Saber Reflect Review:
So when it comes to "Saber Reflect" your opinions are either: "Omfg. Who made this?! Worst card ever use flames 2 burn" or "Zomfg, zomfg, zomfg, next-gen broken shit! X-Sabers will go tier 0!".
The people who say it sucks are usually "Experienced" X-Saber players who think they're so wise and smart 'cause they "know" it's "bad".
And the people who thinks it's broken, probably think so 'cause they watch Azneyeswhitedragon. Yes, he has quite got the ability to overhype cards.
But, you probably wanna know what I think of it. Well, I think I'm somewhere in the middle. It's not completely retarded garbage like most other X-Saber players say. But it's not broken like all of the people who don't know shit about X-Sabers say.
I think the main reason X-Saber players think it sucks is because they haven't used Saber reflect in a correct build. They probably just ditched 3 cards from their deck and threw it in. And if you do that, good results are not to be expected. If you wanna play Saber Reflect correctly, you gotta know how to play it, and have the correct build.
So how do we make the correct build? Well, I think a good way to figure that out is figuring out why people say it's "bad". Here's a list of common "reasons":

1. Not only do you need to have it available, you also need to have an X-Saber out!

2. You take the damage before you regain life points. Meaning you can lose either way.

3. The only good card you can search (except itself) is Gottoms' Emergency Call.

Okay. So, after seeing these reasons I'm gonna go over them 1 by 1 and explain why it really isn't that bad:

1. There are so many ways to get your hands on monsters with X-Sabers. You have XX-Saber Darksoul and XX-Saber Emmersblade as monster recruiters/floaters. But there's more. A card that's really good in combo  with Saber Reflect is X-Saber Pashuul. And there's even a card that can summon him straight from the deck! Reinforce Truth! He can also be obtained by Reinforcement of the Army. A card that can also be used to get XX-Saber Fulhelmknight. 
Another way to get monsters for it, is by: Fire Formation - Tenki. A card that can be used to obtain XX-Saber Boggart Knight straight from the deck!

2. Does this reason alone make the card bad? I mean it needs a few more limitations than just "Can only be used once per turn". Right?

3. So, the only real viable ones that are searchable by Saber reflect (except itself and Gottoms Emergency Call) are: Saber Hole and Saber Slash. 
The main reason people think these cards are bad is becauce you (once again) need field-presence. but with all the different ways i've shown that you can get monsters. I think I've proven that monster-presence really isn't an issue.

So now that i've disproven the most common arguments on why Saber Reflect is "bad", I think it's time to move on with this Topic.

Deck Profile Of What An X-Saber Deck With Saber Reflect Could Look Like Once It Hits The TCG! In-depth analysis and card choices/mentalities:

Monsters: 16

x3 XX-Saber Darksoul (Main searcher. 3 is a must. If you don't start searching by him you'll minus yourself to death. Great with Saber Reflect.)

x3 XX-Saber Emmersblade (Secondary searcher. Getss your Darksouls and other combo pieces, but primarily Darksoul. Field/monster-presence. Graveyard fuel. Great with Saber Reflect.)

x2 X-Saber Pashuul (Floater. OTK blocker. Eff triggers Saber Reflect. Summonable by Reinforce Truth. Great with Saber Reflect. Great with Vanity's Emptiness.

x3 XX-Saber Boggart Knight (Opens up Synchro plays. Makes XX-Saber Faultroll live. Searchable by Fire Formation - Tenki. 1900 beater.)

x3 XX-Saber Faultroll (Key card. Swarms. Reborns X-Sabers. 2400 beater.)

X2 XX-Saber Fulhelmknight (Level 3 Tuner. Negate attacks. Searchable by RotA)

Spells: 14

x3 Saber Reflect (Amazing grind card. Adds consistency. Amazing with  Darksoul, Emmersblade, and Pashuul. Gets you out of tricky situations.)

x1 Saber Slash (Clears board. Searchable by Saber Reflect.)

x3 Fire Formation - Tenki (Adds consistency)

x2 Reinforcement Of The Army (Adds consistency)

x2 Soul Charge (Makes Gottoms easy. Sets up field for Vanity's Emptiness. Gets field presence for Saber Slash/Saber Hole/Saber Reflect. Win condition.)

x2 Pot Of Duality (Adds consistency. Just summon/set Emmersblade/Darksoul and sit on Saber Reflect/Saber Hole.) 

x1 Mystical Space Typhoon (One is all you need since you've got XX-Saber Hyunlei. Always main deck atleast 1 though!)

Traps: 12

x3 Gottoms' Emergency Call (Swarms. Searchable by Saber Reflect. makes Gottoms easier. Sets up field for Vanity's Emptiness. Sets up field for Saber Reflect/Saber Slash/Saber Hole.)

x2 Saber Hole (Monster hate. Searchable by Saber Reflect.)

x3 Reinforce Truth (Summons Pashuul. Monster presence. Sets up field for Slash/Hole/Reflect. Sets up field for Vanity's Emptiness. 3 Truth, 2 Pashuul works for the same reason as 3 Sanctum 2 Moralltach work.)

x2 Trap Stun (Makes your plays goes through. Great in combo with Vanity's Emptiness and XX-Saber Hyunlei.)

x2 Vanity's Emptiness (Win condition when you've established a field. Stun card when you Reinforce Truth into Pashuul. Great in combo with Trap Stun.)

Extra Deck: 15 (Duh..)

x1 Armades, Keeper Of Boundries (Great Vs Backrow and Hands. Fatal for Bujins.)

x1 Naturia Beast (Negates Spells. Win condition.)

x1 Naturia Barkion (Negates Traps. Win condition.)

x2 XX-Saber Hyunlei (Heavy Storm on legs.)

x1 Vulcan The Divine (Gets over threats.)

x1 X-Saber Souza (2500 beater. Gets over stuff and says "No" to Traps.)

x1 Scrap Dragon (2800 beater. Gets over stuff.)

x1 XX-Saber Gottoms (Discards hands. Win condition. 3100 beater. Easy to make and use with Soul Charge and Gottoms' Emergency Call.)

x1 M-X-Saber Invoker (Opens up plays.)

x1 Abyss Dweller (No Graveyard action for the opponent.)

x1 Gagaga Cowboy (Stealing games are fun. Gets over threats.)

x1 Castel. The Skyblaster Musketeer (Bounces monsters and games into your favor.)

x1 Constellar Ptolemy M7 (Gets over stuff. Recycles Faultroll. Key for some OTK's.)

x1 Photon Strike Bounzer (Monster effect negation.)

Why I Don't Play Staples:

Dark Hole/Torrential Tribute: Suck vs Yiang Zing and Shaddoll.

Solemn Warning: I have Saber Hole. Terrible synergy with Soul Charge.

Compulsory Evacuation Device: Kinda counterproductive.

Bottomless Trap Hole: Winda can't be destroyed. Satellarknights get their effects either way.)

How To Play The Deck!
Keep in mind that the decks overall objective may vary depending on the situation you find yourself in with it. With that said! Let's get into its strategy/objective.

Firstly, the decks overall objective (most of the time) is to get an established board or discard your opponents hand with XX-Saber Gottoms, and then (if possible and available) play the Vanity's Emptiness. That is the overall objective. However, you don't try to do that right away. You do a lot of things in different phases prior to the main goal.

Phase 1 of the duel (at the start): 
This is the grindy part of the duel. You wanna try to grind your opponent out of resources. And try to out-plus them. This is the part where you HAVE to make sure you start getting your Darksoul searches as soon as possible! Cause if you don't. Your opponent will outrun you in the early stages of grinding! And possibly going on and win the game. Getting your Darksoul searches as soon as possible is very important. Or else you will most likely lose.

Phase 2 of the duel (the "middle" of the duel): 
By this stage of the duel you should have gathered alot of your resources through Tenki, RotA, Emmersblade, and Darksoul. And you should have used some backrow as well. At this rate, when you've got most of your resources. You could try to establish the board. But only do so if you're opponent doesn't have backrow, or if you have Trap Stun to stun it. It might even be over if you've done a perfect job in outgrinding the opposer and establishing a board! And (if possible) make sure you have a backup plan if your original plan fails.

Phase 3 of the duel (the end/topdecking portion of the duel): 
This is a scenario in a duel that X-Sabers are truly great at. If you're doing a correct and optimal job at it with your Emmersblades and Darksoul you should have the game sealed! In fact, duels with X-Sabers don't often go this far. Cause you've either won or lost earlier. Which (once again) shows how important your Darksoul searches are.

Side Notes On How To Play The Deck:
You're probably wondering why there are no such cards as Fiendish Chain or Breakthrough Skill in the deck to stop decks such as Satellarknights from going off. Well, you see, Saber Hole acts like a psuedo Fiendish Chain/Breakthrough Skill. The monster summon is negated and the effect never resolves. In a sense negating it. Another reason is because alot of the decks strategy revolves around letting your opponent go off and then ruin it all by exploding on them with cards. And Saber Slash.

Summary Of The Decks Strategies And Objectives:

-Outplus your opponent. Get rid of their board. Establish your own board.

Thank you so much if you took the time to read all of this! Drop your opinions in the comment section! Anyways, my never-ending typing is over. Peace! Very Happy

Yu-Gi-Oh! [Saber Reflect Discussion By An Experienced X-Saber Player!] And What An X-Saber Deck Might Look Like When Saber Reflect Hits The TCG! (September 2014 Format!) Sig_be10

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Yu-Gi-Oh! [Saber Reflect Discussion By An Experienced X-Saber Player!] And What An X-Saber Deck Might Look Like When Saber Reflect Hits The TCG! (September 2014 Format!) Empty Re: Yu-Gi-Oh! [Saber Reflect Discussion By An Experienced X-Saber Player!] And What An X-Saber Deck Might Look Like When Saber Reflect Hits The TCG! (September 2014 Format!)

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