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Post by Peroxide. on Mon Feb 24, 2014 7:01 am

Introductions: How To Introduction

So you stumbled upon the Academy, and wish to be a part of it? You were recruited by Skit and have to do a thread just to make him feel special? Peroxide. has threatened to destroy your cows if you do not join? Whichever the case, allow me to welcome you to Destiny Draw Academy! We love each and all our users the same, and we expect you to share the love as well. While this isn't entirely obligatory, when posting your introduction, we would very much appreciate it if you took the time to tell us a bit about yourself.

It needs not to be personal info, as we understand that the internet is not always a safe place. but you could tell us what you'd like to be called, your hobbies, favorite cards, so on and so forth! It's your way of telling the Academy that you're here and you should make it as awesome as you can!

And when replying to an introduction, make it count as well! I mean, it's how you let other users know how awesome you are, correct? Then why just reply with a "welcome enjoy your stay" when you could relate to the stuff such user likes? It's all about making tons and bunches of friends, no?

Without any further ado, I bid my adieu. Remember: It's your first impression for the users; make it count

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