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Destiny Duels: Guidelines Empty Destiny Duels: Guidelines

Post by Peroxide. on Sat Mar 01, 2014 4:14 am

Destiny Duels

So you want to earn some money a.k.a destiny points or short DP. Well as you have seen you start with 100 DP and try to get more to buy stuff from the shops or other things available here in the forum.

A simple duel is not enough, cause simply winning some point for dueling somebody will rise a problem of inflation , and ultimately will make the usage of points obsolete.

How to solve this and still earn points? Destiny duels.

How do they work?

1. Destiny duels are matches or singles sone by member of the forum only.(winning against random people in DN does not count)

2.The duel will be done agreeing to a bet by both players.

3.The winner gets the bet points, the looser has his points substracted.

4.After the duel , one of the players will make a topic in the Click me!

5.Both players should post confirming the duel.

6.A staff member will do the point change and lock that topic.

Thats it for now. albino

"Try to have fun in the meantime"
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