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Post by Peroxide. on Sun Feb 23, 2014 7:38 pm

Clinic Rules KuribohToken-TF04-JP-VG
Deck Clinic Rules

Greetings! This is DD´s Deck Clinic, where any and all users can share decks and feedback between each other. Think of the clinic as our version of "Grey´s Anatomy". Decks come in and we check them, ensuring they run along smoothly and accodingly to what they´re meant to do... Thenwediagnosethemwiththreedayslefttoliveandeveryonedies. Simple, right? The concept is simple, but you should know there are some guidelines that you need to follow:

  1. This section is for users to help each other, so please, be nice and respectful of others when you reply.
  2. On that same note: All feedback must be constructive. No "omg yer deck sucks go die in a fire" sorta comments. Instead, try to go along the lines of "you should probably replace (card) with (card)", "run less of (card) to do so-and-so" and so on.
  3. If you post in this section you MUST understand that people will post with what you should change (should you need to change anything), so don´t flip table over the fact that someone thinks you shoul run one less MST. Instead, take all comments and feedback into consideration, and decide yourself if you shall implement such changes or not.
  4. Following from rule 3: When you reply to comments on your thread, threat everyone with the respect you expect in exchange. No "shut up my deck is perfect asdfghjkl" kind-of comments. If you don´t want to use a card that was suggested, kindly explain so, I´m sure everyone else will be able to move on with their life.
  5. Do give a decent presentation to your decks. We don´t ask you to spit coding perfection or somesuch, but do tell us some facts about it (deck recipe (image is optional, but people might not always be able to identify the cards within the pic), what it´s meant to do, etc).
  6. Should be obvious, but no place in the forum is exempt from  DD rules , so make sure to follow those as well.
  7. Not much of a rule, but this deck construction song is quite cool and you should be listening to it.

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