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Ruling Question Rules Empty Ruling Question Rules

Post by The Godfather on Tue Feb 25, 2014 3:32 pm

Ruling Questions Rules

Hi there, welcome to yet another of DD's rule topics. This topic is about special rules for the "Ruling Questions" forum (I know how stupid that sounds, just... Just. Ignore it!). We're only going to talk about answering the questions here, and nothing else.

1. Answer only if you are 100% you are right.

2. Explain why rather than just answering it.

3. If someone else already answered right don't post.

4. This topics can only contain Answer(s) and Question , nothing more !

5. Be polite while answering. I'm sure not everyone is familiar with that new Fire Fist OTK you yourself invented, so do keep in mind that while replying.

6. On that same note, try to speak in terms everyone can understand while replying. Not everyone knows what a Chaos Engine is, or what MST stands for, so if you use such terms do explain them if you feel/are told that the asker didn't understand.
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