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Post by The Godfather on Sun Feb 23, 2014 11:53 am

Forum Rules

1. Offensive behavior of any kind is forbidden.
This includes (but is not limited to) the following:
-Curse Language
2. You are not allowed to post adult material.
Hentai,Porn and etc...
3. Advertising is allowed only if you have founders permission to do it.
Uncontrolled ads suck, don't you agree ?
4. Religious and political discussions are forbidden.
This is website focused around a card game , for political/religious discussions please use forums focused over political/religious discussions.Still this does not apply fully for the chat, but if you brake the 1st rule while doing this, you will be given a warning.
5. Giving out other users personal information without their permission is forbidden.
It's a crime in real life so...
6. You are only allowed to write English in the forums.
Note: You can write other languages as long as you provide us with a translation.
P.S : Double posting isn't allowed Razz.
7. Be active.
There is no point in joining if you plan not to post, is there? Make sure to participate on the forum consistently. Make sure to contribute to on-going discussions, express your opinion on the game, and even chill around your !
8. Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages (SPAM) are not allowed. 
Basically? SPAM are messages that are very short (wtf, k, etc) for no reason, that have no relation to the topic whatsoever. They can also come as double posts made without the need to do so, necro posting (posting in a topic older than 1 month without being the owner. Owners can still bump their old topics is it's important), usage of coarse language, BYPASSING the aforementioned language (using numbers or other special characters instead of letters) and MISSPELLING course language as well. SPAM also comes in the well distinguished form of typing all in caps. It's unnecessary and gets obnoxious with ease~.
9. Respect your fellow members and staff alike.
Any complaints on any user should be sent to an admin or moderator, we will take the issue on our hands from there.
10. No mini-modding.
Granted, you can let people know about the rules, what's a no-go and a do and some such, but you can't say you're gonna lock/delete a topic, infract/ban members and other actions that a staff member does if you're not one.
12. Signatures must remain at a humane and decent size.
You will be notified if/when you signature is considered to be too large, or inappropriate. Failure to edit signatures after begin notified results in signatures being removed.
13. Threatening to hack, destroy or take over the forum is not allowed, nor tolerated, under any circumstance.
I don't think I can express this any better than that.
Every time you break a rule one warning point is added on your warning bar.
2 Warnings - Punishment for this is stripping half of your's DC.
3 Warnings - Demotion to lowest level in the forum.
4 Warnings - 2 Month ban.
Once the 2 month ban passes your warning bar resets to 0 !
Sometimes administrators/mods can ban you even tho you have 1-3 warnings, depending on what you did.

Have a nice stay.

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